Make The Pizza You Want, Try New Things & Make Mistakes with Lucky Nick’s Pizza

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Welcome to the world premiere of Pie2Pie! In this inaugural episode, we welcome Nick Camacho of Lucky Nick’s Pizza to the show.

Lucky Nick’s began as a humble backyard operation in 2020, slinging pies for friends and family, but within no time the cars were lined up down the block just to get a taste of Nick’s pies. With the help of crowdfunding and a killer team, the operation grew into a mobile pop-up and catering powerhouse, serving their leopard-spotted pies to the masses.

From Pomona to the greater LA area, Lucky Nick’s can be found at hotspots like Homage Brewing and Melody Wine Bar, and have even fed the likes of The Weeknd, Asics, and Brain Dead Studios.

Alex caught up with Nick at Melody Wine Bar in LA for a great conversation. Hope that you enjoy it. Ladies and gentlemen, Nick Camacho of Lucky Nick’s Pizza!

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