Is Vegan Even Healthy?

The unhealthy vegan diet… it’s delicious

There are a lot of common misconceptions when it comes to eating vegan.

Eating vegan does not automatically mean healthy. In fact, you can really mess yourself up without doing a little research before diving into a vegan diet.

Smashing Amy’s Pizzas and eating MorningStar corndogs is not going to make you feel good. I ain’t hating though if that’s how you’re living.

On my first go at Veganism I literally only ate taco bell bean burritos and veggie delights from subway for over a year.

Was it delicious? Yes. Was it healthy? No. Is Taco Bell still one of my favorite restaurants? It is.

A good place to start

Whether you have gone vegan or are just eating a plant-based diet there are some simple things you should know.

This Guardian article from 2019 answers some solid questions people may have on eating vegan.

I would start here: The 14 things you need to know before you go vegan.

How fucking good are potatoes?

In my opinion, whole foods are bomb! I personally would rather chug down a portobello mushroom burger than eat a beyond beef patty. The amount you can do with vegetables is really out of this world. Cauliflower can be rice. You can turn shiitake mushrooms into bacon.

Potatoes??? You got chips, french fries, papas bravas, mashed, smashed, and two smoking potato tacos…fuck potatoes are bomb.

Making the change

Changing your diet is a big commitment and will be a journey. Your journey! Here are some of my favorite go-to places for bomb plant-based whole food recipes that are better than any impossible burger!

Below are just a few of the places I love to go for HEALTHY plant-based recipes, consider checking them out.

Love & Lemons has some incredible plant-based dishes that will wow the whole household and make you feel fed and not full.

Minimalist Baker has some of the best recipes online IMO. Very simple and easy recipes with huge flavor and great results.

Bad Manners are one of the reasons I got so into vegan cuisine. Their OG cookbook spoke to me in a way no other cookbook could have because it wasn’t lame as fuck, It was explicit and unpretentious. Everything I have ever made from them has been a hitter!

You are what you eat

I think it’s important to remember that you are what you eat. I even painted it on the front of my restaurant. So, whatever you choose to put in your body, eating foods that make you happy and feel good is always a good place to start.

Love, crust, and pizza dust,

Alex Koons

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