Make The Food That Makes You Unique w/ Quarantine Pizza

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Welcome to the final episode of Season One of the PIE 2 PIE podcast! In this episode, we sat down with Brandon and Carolina of Quarantine Pizza, a duo that makes some of the best pizza in L.A. They share their story of pivoting into a new career, working with sourdough, and just putting themselves out there.

Their dynamic is truly special, with Brandon bringing his knowledge and Carolina bringing her operations expertise. Together, they make a fantastic team and their love for what they do is apparent in every slice of pizza they make.

During our conversation, we learn about their journey and how they’ve built a successful pizza pop-up business. We talk about the importance of making the food that makes you unique and putting your own spin on things.

This episode is packed with valuable insights and information that any foodie or entrepreneur will find useful. We hope you enjoy this final episode of season one as much as we enjoyed having this conversation with Brandon and Carolina of Quarantine Pizza. Thanks for tuning in!

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