A Bite About Me

Owner of Purgatory Pizza since 2016, and opened Hot Tongue in 2021 with a vision to bring my unique experience in the restaurant industry to coaching and consulting.

Running a restaurant is no small order. You don’t have to figure it out alone.

Meet Alex

Meet Alex Koons. With an unbridled passion for cooking and an unwavering love for the art of pizza, Alex infuses every consultation with emotion and artistry. His superpowers? Excessive scrutiny, anxiety, sensitivity, and a penchant for injecting emotionality—all wielded to perfect every slice.

Drawing parallels from a background in the music industry, Alex applies the dynamics of band performance to the culinary world. For him, running a restaurant mirrors leading a band: your team, the band; service, the shows; customers, the fans; and your food, the music. With Alex’s guidance, your pizzeria can hit all the right notes in creating a symphony of flavors and an unforgettable dining experience. Join him on the journey to elevate your slice of the market with a dash of musical magic!”

“Surround yourself with those who only lift you higher.”
Oprah Winfrey

Just Dough It.

Go from pie in the sky to pizza perfection by getting the help and guidance that isn’t readily available. Whether it be picking the right equipment, building-out a brand new restaurant, creating staff policies, or training a management team. Stop wasting time, and losing sleep over unforeseen costs and other roadblocks.