The Pop-Up Blow-Up | Why Starting A Pizza Pop-up In Your Own Backyard Is The Future

The all-mighty backyard pizza oven wars

Ooni, Roccbox, Carbon. Which is the best???

Well, we’ll save that one for another time.

Today let’s just concentrate on the power of all these bad boys.

Pizza dreams

I have a couple of these ovens myself.

I love them.

There is really nothing like cooking pizza outside. Throwing the pizza up in the air with the backdrop of an open sky is something dreams are made of.

It’s incredibly relaxing for me and is my favorite way to bake. Have a couple frosters with friends, maybe sip some mezcal all while baking pizza under an open flame. I truly recommend doing it. It’s beautiful.


Changing the game

It’s not just for fun times though.

These ovens can push out professional-grade pizzas that, until recently, were only obtainable with very expensive custom-built brick ovens.

These ovens have changed the game and in my opinion, they’ll continue to push limits.

I come from a background in the music industry. I find a lot of parallels between the music industry and cooking/hospitality.

The mass appeal of the backyard pizza oven reminds me of the invention of programs you could run on any laptop that changed every aspiring musician’s bedroom into a full-blown professional studio.

Master your craft right in your own backyard

With a couple of these ovens, you can post up at your neighborhood bar, sell pizzas on the street, or have people come pick pizza up from your backyard.


It’s an incredibly exciting time and opens up the playing field to a lot of people who otherwise may not have had the overhead to get a full brick-and-mortar running.

Countless restaurants that started as pop-ups are “popping up” all over LA in brick and mortar locations.

If you are interested in your own pizza shop but don’t have the capital right now, I def recommend buying one of these ovens. Master your craft and pop up wherever you can to get a little taste of what your future could look like.

Billie Elish and Finneas wrote and recorded one of the biggest records of the last decade in a bedroom. Some of the best pizzas are coming out of people’s backyards now.

That backyard could be yours.

Love, crust and pizza dust,

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