That Purple Purple, Dreaming Bigger & An Awesome Conversation

3 bites everyone knows the rules


I had an awesome talk with Brian Hernandez director of the US Pizza Team and of PMQ Magazine today.

We talked a lot about “vegan.” You can catch the whole video right here.


Check out this simple BBQ sauce recipe I created that’s ready to be slathered on everything! The video is dropping this Friday!



“If you’re a fan of me, you’re a fan of yourself”

– Kanye West

I love Kanye. He is a true inspiration to me and has been since I first heard College Dropout in 2004.

He helps me dream bigger, think bigger, see a bigger picture.

He is someone who sees no walls, he is a visionary and he reminds me how great I am every time I listen to his music. I love this quote of his because to me it’s true, and it would remain true if anyone close to me were to say the exact same thing. Great people make good people better.



EXTRA SLICE: I love Peter Reinhart. This is a great TED Talk by him.

Love, crust and pizza dust,

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