Anthony Bourdain, Dough Recipes & Being an Idiot



Anthony Bourdain is an absolute legend. I have been listening to his book “Medium Raw” every morning while I make dough.

I love people who don’t give a fuck. He spends chapters just shitting on cooks, writers and shares his opinion so freely. A lot of people these days are very afraid to do so, myself included to some extent.

His voice and swagger to me are about the coolest thing ever. He was a real one. A non-conformist, honest, no-bullshit kind of dude. He wasn’t a huge fan of vegans, and he LOVES foie gras which I find fucking inhumane, but he makes a lot of great points.

I like finding people that I don’t necessarily agree with on everything. He so perfectly explains kitchens, the people that fill them, and the true ugly beauty of the human experience better than anyone else in my opinion.

He explains, in one of his shit-talking rants on food critic Alan Richman, that chef is translated to Chief. I have always been timid to call myself a Chef. I feel like it’s such a bloated bullshit word that only people who buy a chef coat at restaurant depot and put “chef” on their insta info use.

A coat or cooking in a kitchen does not make you a Chef. I am indeed a Chief, I can get behind that. I lead and I teach. I am not the best chef but I am a damn good Chief. Are you?


I am getting ready to shoot some in-depth dough vids that take you through start to finish of some of my dough processes. How to get a beautiful crumb on your squares, and get a nice thin and crispy round.

Revisit this easy dough recipe that works for just about anything!


“I’m not afraid to look like an idiot.”

  • – Anthony Bourdain

This is something I am working on harder and harder every day.

The less I give a shit about what people think of me or how I am perceived the freer I become. I really hate feeling stupid, I am someone who still doesn’t like to ask questions at the grocery store. I am stubborn and don’t like feeling dumb. Ask my wife, she reminds me all the time.

I challenge everyone to live a little more idiotic, a little bigger, and a little less scared of others’ reactions. I am free to be as dumb as I want to be and I plan on being the biggest idiot in the room someday soon.




Love, crust, and pizza dust,

Alex Koons

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