Heartache, PopUps & Putting out Fires



Hot Tongue is opening next week, and wow has it been a journey.

Every step of the way there has been heartache. It finally feels like there is something to celebrate. It’s been quite the roller coaster and such an incredible learning experience.

We are currently working on a PDF now that covers 36 things you should think about before opening a restaurant. I am writing them down so I don’t forget. I also hope it can help other people.

These 36 things probably would have saved me a lot of time and money, but would have spared all the lessons.

There is always a balance and I am happy that I know what I know now so that the next Hot Tongue comes with half the tears.


I have fallen in love with my backyard pizza ovens, so much in fact that we plan on popping up as DADS ONLY PIZZA a couple of times in March at Vegan Playground.

Stay tuned for that. I find the backyard/street pizza craze to be very inspirational and awesome. Check out this article I wrote about POPPING UP!


“Only you can prevent forest fires.”

-Smokey The Bear

Now Smokey was def talking about literal fires, but I think this quote is good to think about when handling day-to-day emotions. We all get over-stressed in the fast pace environment of the restaurant industry and in life.

As a leader, you constantly should be putting fires out not starting them.

EXTRA SLICE: This song has a great message and sums up where my head has been for what feels like way too long. The simple lyrics are pretty powerful. “Don’t let the walls cave in on you, you get what you give that much is true.” No matter how tough shit gets you gotta continue to push with 100.

Love, crust and pizza dust,

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