The Recognition You Deserve, Pizza Expo 2022 & Being Present



Recognition is a deep human desire.

People like to be recognized for good deeds, we like to be thanked and appreciated. It helps fulfill our lives.

In music, I used to tell myself stories about how dumb certain publications were, festivals, or certain people’s opinions. I would write them off or tell myself I didn’t need that shit. This was just because I was hurt that I wasn’t getting the praise my friends and other bands were getting.

I’ve told myself these same stories after becoming a pizza professional.

Being an owner of any business is already a thankless job, that’s okay. The real praise should go to your leaders. I feel like when you’re creating food and doing things miles ahead of the rest it’s hard not to become a little jaded by a city that won’t give you praise. I still believe that people coming through the door is more important than any article published.

BUT, today, “Hot Tongue” was written about in Eater LA. It was an incredible feeling to be recognized. To feel seen in that way. It fulfilled a bit of that void that I’ve created over the years with resentment and negativity. The truth is, I want that praise, I want articles and critics to be amazed by what I’m doing. I want to be on magazines and talked about when discussing the best Pizza in Los Angeles.

I’m not gonna lie to myself anymore. I’m gonna be loud, confident, speak with my heart, and be honest to myself and my city.

Today I’m full of love and appreciation to have been written about and recognized by Mona Holmes of Eater LA. I’m gonna stop downplaying my motivations because I want it all, and I plan on taking it.


Pizza Expo is next week!

I’ve been able to meet so many rad people through pizza. It’s very exciting to be able to take my team back to the Pizza Expo this year after not attending for the past 2 years.

If you can make it there one day I highly recommend it. There’s a lot to pick up on,  and see, and experience.

Although it is not essential in a pizza journey. You can learn just as much listening to smart Pizza Marketing Podcasts and watching some of the PizzaExpo365 available all on demand.




“The world moves as fast as Instagram scrolls” – Virgil Abloh


This is the truth, our attention spans are short. I think they always have been. Some argue it’s because of this and that, but there have always been distractions or ways to escape.

I wanna keep up while balancing the present. It’s hard. A lot of people I know live in the past. Personally, I’m always thinking about the future.

My son reminds me to live in the present. Being present with him is more important than anything, and having that perspective has made me a better person, chef, owner, friend, and husband.

I can screw up my car, my sleep, someone’s pizza, and my bank account, but one thing I won’t screw up is being a Dad. I am gonna be present for that.


Enjoy McCauly Culkin doing some weird Velvet Underground cover about pizza.

Love, crust, and pizza dust,

Alex Koons

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