1.2.3. The Revolving Door of Pizza

Hey there— Alex here,

Pizza shops will forever be the kind of business that has a revolving door of awesome people coming and going. No matter how short or long you get to employ someone, it’s important to be an example of what a good leader can be.

Leading your team can be the most challenging part of running a restaurant. Providing the opportunity for personal and professional growth to my team is a responsibility that I don’t take lightly. And if it becomes apparent that I can’t provide what someone is looking for, I always encourage them to find what’s right for them elsewhere.

Too many times I’ve worked for someone who felt entitled to my time, work ethic, and skill set. That’s one thing I’ve been sensitive to as a business owner and something I’ve been careful not to do with individuals at my restaurants.

I constantly encourage my team members to take care of themselves first so that they can take care of what’s around them.

I would never want someone to miss out on an opportunity that I couldn’t offer them because they “feel bad” about leaving, or whatever it might be.

Leading a team is a special thing. Each day, I resolve to lift everyone up, never hold anyone back, and always respect someone’s decision, even if it may not be one that benefits to your operation.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”

Love, crust and pizza dust,

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