1.2.3. Creating Lasting Connections in the Restaurant Industry

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Connecting with people is something that I have always undervalued. It’s easy to get stuck in your same lane, same friends, same viewpoints.

Staying in a bubble stunts growth on multiple LEVELZ and I think it has definitely held me back. Pride can be a real piece of shit. Knowing when to say sorry, when to ask for help, a hug, or a conversation can be a lot easier said than done, and a lot of the time I find these things get avoided.

There is a lot of magic in connection, especially when connecting other people in the restaurant industry. We probably need to start some kind of Restaurant Anonymous program because the industry can come with a lot of problems and abuse that end up being really isolating.

It can be lonely sometimes. It can be tough and it can be scary, but it’s good to know that we don’t have to be alone, and that there is always someone out there who has gone through the same shit at one time or another. I talked about being comfortable in the uncomfortable last week. It makes it a lot easier to find that comfort with someone else who carried the torch before you.

If you don’t know anyone, hit me up. I would love to listen to your horror kitchen stories or your restaurant victories. It’s important to share and it’s important to connect with someone who understands.

I would challenge everyone this week to hit someone up they admire, and let them know you do. It may start a lifelong connection, you never know!

Last week I was in Florida to speak at the Pizza Tomorrow Summit! I Made a lot of great connections that turned into friendships that I hope to carry on for the rest of my life. You will be able to check out my presentations out in PDF form soon. Matt and I are hard at work getting them ready.


I was lucky enough to sit down with my guy Bruce from Smart Pizza Marketing for a live interview at the Pizza Tomorrow Summit.

Catch the full episode here!


“Carve your name on hearts and not on marble.”

Charles Spurgeon

A lot of great people from the restaurant world have touched my heart and continue to do so everyday. It’s been far more important than any busy night, or successful presentation. It’s the conversations, the opportunities, and the growth.

People in the food industry work hard, they are cut from a different cloth and I love them all dearly. Even the ones that walk off their shifts, don’t show up at all, or call me an asshole. Those things fade, we all have bad days, and understanding, which maybe can be next week… is always the best way back to a broken connection.


Love, crust, and pizza dust,

Alex Koons

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