1.2.3. Battling the Chaos With Routine



Routine is important when your day is incredibly unpredictable. It’s crucial to find some way to balance the chaos that is running a restaurant…or just living life for that matter.

This might sound like a cliché, but maintaining a healthy diet, sleep schedule and regular exercise are the cornerstones of an effective routine. It may seem obvious, but for some reason we tend to ignore these things and hope for better results somewhere else. I know because I ignored these things for years until I figured out that a simple morning workout, writing in a journal, doing meditation or prayer, and drinking a lot of water contributed to some major positive change in my life.

There’s only one thing I’m certain of and that’s what time my alarm is going to go off. After that, it’s important to stay in the routine and create healthy habits so that they carry on to my team, my customers and most importantly my family.

People always complain about not having enough time for these things, but there is always enough time if you make it a priority and really put in the effort to improve your life in these incremental ways. Over time the benefits will compound, and that’s what you might call: the upward spiral. Sometimes it’s just a pain in the ass in the beginning.

Do you have a morning routine? Does it help positively set you up for each day? What about a night time routine? Mine needs some help…


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“We are what we repeatedly do.”


I love this quote because it’s true on so many levels. I’ve met so many people who say things and do the exact opposite. Hell, I have been guilty of this myself.

Are you happy with where you’re at and where you’re headed? Understanding that we are where we are because of what we repeatedly do is key.

It’s not what we say we are going to do that counts, it’s what we actually do from the moment we get out of bed.

Trust me, I know about road blocks, excuses, and crippling anxiety, but we are all our own worst enemies. Some steps are big, some small. That’s what we all have to do, get out of bed, hit the floor and start moving in the right direction.


Love, crust and pizza dust,

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