From Rants to Raves: How Yelp and Google Reviews Shape Restaurant Realities

Google Reviews & Yelp Reviews For Your Restaurant

Yelp and Google reviews have the power to build up or break down a restaurant’s reputation.

While they may sometimes be a source of irritation for the business owner, it’s crucial to stay on top of these reviews with the vigilance of a hawk. Any public forum where your food, your service, your brand, and your business can be critiqued deserves a certain amount of care & attention.  

 It’s like peeking into the digital pulse of your restaurant, checking its health. 

Look, I understand, not every review is going to lay out the raw facts, and there are certain things that I won’t alter or, quite frankly, can’t change. If a review starts by complaining about prices, decor, music choice, or parking, chances are I’ll skim right past it. 

Navigating Reviews: A Necessary Art

Whether it’s a rave or a rant, it’s always a smart move to drop a comment or slide into those DMs, chat with them about their experience.

A bad review can still sting, like a paper cut on your finger, but over time, I’ve come to terms with the fact that not everyone’s going to like what I do.

Just a short while back, I completely dismissed these review platforms and the individuals sharing their opinions. Opening up Hot Tongue really showed me how influential these platforms can be in bringing people through your doors. It hit me that these platforms are powerful tools, tools I shouldn’t take personally, but ones I could be using to my advantage.

Feedback as a Catalyst

For a fresh-faced business or a seasoned neighborhood favorite, it’s a real game-changer to gather up those reviews.

You know what I’ve figured out? People don’t want to think any more than they have to either. That’s where Yelp and Google come in, guiding or even practically pointing people to the places they should check out. 

That’s honestly one of the major reasons why you have to keep your reviews in check, no matter if they’re singing your praises or laying down some tough criticisms. The internet’s like your trusty compass.

If those signs aren’t pointing toward your shop, well, let’s be real, snagging new diners is going to be one heck of an uphill battle.

Harnessing the Power of Reviews

Every review, whether it be praise or critique, still serves your shop in a positive way. What do they say? All press is good press, right?? Feedback, irrespective of its shade, can remain a positive force, as long as you unwrap it like a gift, not a personal attack.

So, instead of looking at these sites like another pain in your ass, use them like a lighthouse for your business to cut through the fog that is the internet search.

Love, crust and pizza dust,

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