5 Things I’ve Learned After Being Open For 4 Weeks

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1. Things are going to break

Even with a brand-new restaurant is important to know that no one has been cooking in it, shitting in it, sitting in it, or using any of it.

I have already had electrical issues, plumbing issues, and equipment issues. Be ready for all of it.

Hopefully, if you have a good relationship with your GC most of the work that will need fixing will all be covered.

2. 12-hour shifts aren’t easy

It’s been a long time since I’ve worked 4 weeks straight at 12+ hours a day.

It’s a huge adjustment and I am definitely struggling to stay sharp while maintaining all responsibilities.

Sleep is important. Do it if you can.

3. Hire legends

I don’t know what I would do without my two managers. Andrew and Micheal are the only reason I have been able to see my family the past month.

For that, they are worth all the money in the world.

Pay people what they deserve for the time they personally put in and the time they save you.

4. Be prepared to lose money

Labor and food costs are the names of the game.

My labor percentage is nowhere close to where it needs to be, but I have to relax and concentrate on making sure the team is properly trained and ready for when the real shit starts to hit.

Making money is probably years down the line and that’s okay.

5. I truly love the beginning

I love what I do. I love being this tired, I love making dough every morning, I love hanging with the team and making insane jokes, dancing in the back of the restaurant like a psychopath, and truly just being me.

I love all these problems because I can control them, and control them I will. If you don’t love it, get the fuck out as soon as possible. EJECT.

This time next year I’ll be writing an article titled 5 ways to get your pizza shop to the moon in under a year.

Blast off!

Love, crust, and pizza dust,

Alex Koons

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