1.2.3. There’s Nothing to Envy if You’re Doing Your Absolute Best w/ the Purest Intentions.

Hey there— Alex here,

I want to talk about envy.

Envy is not a productive feeling.

I would almost classify it as dangerous.

If not dealt with through the proper channels, it has the tendency to fester, grow, and generate a spiral of negativity.

I have been guilty many times of wishing I had other people’s success in music and pizza. It wasn’t until I was able to acknowledge what I was doing and make the conscious effort not to fall into this way of thinking that it began to get easier for me to applaud the success of others instead of coveting it.

Although I’ve learned to manage these feelings better, on occasion spouts of these emotions still rise to the surface.

When I catch myself spiraling into these sorts of feelings, I force myself to step out of the emotions and think about what’s actually happening.

Usually, it’s entitlement and expectations that get me in trouble.

It’s easy for me to get hyper-focused on missed opportunities and accolades and forget about what’s actually important.

But by practicing taking that step back to look at situations I am able to refocus and put the right things back under the microscope.

There is nothing to be envious of or to covet if you’re doing your absolute best with the purest intentions.

Simple luck and timing play a big role in a lot of what happens.

We would all do well to remember that the world owes us absolutely nothing, but what we can give it is 100 percent up to us.

Love, crust, and pizza dust,

Alex Koons

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