1.2.3. The Art of Taking an L

Hey there— Alex here,

Has this ever happened to you? Your day starts off so great, things are firing on all cylinders, you’re moving and shaking, twisting and baking, and then, BOOM! An unforeseeable, unfortunate occurrence stops you in your path.

What’s your next move? Do you get angry and frustrated? Do you start feeling sorry for yourself? Do you dwell on this for the rest of the day?

Let me just say that those things have happened to me and I’ve experienced each of these responses.

It’s been a very important, hard-earned lesson for me to accept a loss when one smacks me in the face. Whether it’s the productivity of the day, a piece of equipment, a team member quitting, or the door at your restaurant getting bashed in, it’s always a good call to breathe first, and then regain control (or the illusion of control) of the situation by checking your emotions.

Emotions are not the most trustworthy decision-makers in my experience.

Shit happens; that’s the name of the game. Especially when you’re running a kitchen full of fire, sharp objects, and of course, people.

Learn from the loss but don’t bring it with you. The better you get at not getting your way, the truer the path to a more enlightened existence.

“If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.”


Love, crust and pizza dust,

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