1.2.3. Relationship to Time & Team

Three quick bites to enhance your pizza game


Funny thing, time is…

It seems there is never enough, or it goes by too quickly or maybe sometimes too slow.

The things we spend our time on are the things we become. In the restaurant world I find it very important to put my time into the people that I am lucky enough to grow with. I have learned a lot more about myself as a person by understanding the needs of my team.

I think it’s pretty important to focus your time on people and relationships. The food won’t make itself of course and will need a very good training program. You can’t have a good program without great people. Your food is obviously a very important part of a restaurant but your people, friends, family, those relationships are the pillars that hold up any four walls.


Matt and I are cooking up some new videos and recipes, but for the time being I am throwing it back to this recipe for some simple herby pizza sauce. SIMP SAUCE!


“It is good people who make good places.”

Anna Sewell

The food will get people in the door but the people are what will keep them coming back. Good service is so important and having a team that gives a shit makes a restaurant good. Be kind, be patient, be a good person and that will spread throughout your restaurant and life!

EXTRA SLICE: This song is so GOOD!

Love, crust and pizza dust,

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