1.2.3. Observing Thoughts, Pizza Nostalgia & The Power of Ideas Becoming Things



Thoughts. I have a lot of them. Being an owner of two shops can come with a lot to worry about. Sometimes it’s crazy how fast thoughts come in and out.

I spent a lot of last week trying to sit back and watch these thoughts instead of taking part in all of them. It was quite a nice little experiment. When my mind started spiraling about something I just started to repeat a calming mantra to relax the momentum of these thoughts, and wah-lah I had some sense of clarity.

I’ve talked about self compassion, communication, and empathy.

Now it’s hard to do those things if your mind is moving a mile a minute all the time. Thoughts, emotions, and traumas all make up this thing we call “reality.” We all live in our own, believe it or not. It’s been important for me to understand why I get so upset about certain things, and with certain people. Being conscious of my thoughts has really helped me not to react as I usually would. I am excited to keep practicing.

I hope it helps me concentrate on the moment in front of me and helps keep me out of my own way.


TASTE BUDZ EPISODE #3! Hot off the presses!

This is a good one! We talk about my personal favorite childhood slice. COSTCO PIZZA BABY!

Go watch it now!


A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes.

Mahatma Gandhi

The power of our thoughts can be incredible. Walking into Hot Tongue every morning is still met with a rush of emotion. This was just a thought 7 years ago. It is now the idea I have brought into reality.

Everything I have ever wanted has always started with the initial thought. Obviously there is a shit ton of work, pain, failures, tears and heartache. Things aren’t easy, but I truly believe we are all capable of having what we want as long as we think it, and believe it!

EXTRA SLICE: Mel Robbins has one of the most popular TED TALKS of all time and for good reason. This is def a good one worth listening to all the way through. Check out how to stop screwing yourself over.

Love, crust and pizza dust,

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