🏔️ 1.2.3. Mastery, Mentors, and Mountains

Hey there— Alex here.

I’m currently reading the book “Mastery” by Robert Greene. I highly recommend this book.

It has me reflecting on the stages of my career and evaluating how I got to where I am at this very moment. IMO I am still on my path to mastery but I have definitely surpassed my 10,000 hours.

It was tough getting where to where I am without apprenticeship or working under someone else who “had it figured out”.

The way I learned was stealing everything I liked that other people were doing, and then forcing myself to do it better and in my own way. This is still how I operate. I have no other choice. If you have the chance to learn from a lord in your field, don’t waste that opportunity!

“Mastery is not a function of genius or talent, it is a function of time and intense focus applied to a particular field of knowledge.”

Robert Greene

A major reason I started consulting was to help guide people through the treacherous terrains of being a business owner and entrepreneur. I wanted to be the mentor that I never had. I wanted to contribute to the pizza community what I felt was missing in some way.

The pizza, I say, is the easy part. It’s the challenges that come when you start scaling.

My son’s favorite movie at the moment is Encanto. I’ve probably watched it about 30 times in the last week. My favorite part is when Bruno talks about his “true gift” of acting. Everyone is born with gifts. The strongest ones you might not even see as a strength. It’s time though that helps develop real skill, real art, real alchemy. Just because someone gets it easier shouldn’t upset you.

I’ve struggled with these thoughts for a long time. Some people are just meant to struggle harder. We all have to imagine Sisyphus is happy pushing that boulder up the mountain day after day after day. I know I do.

Extra Slice

EXTRA SLICE : Robert sharing his gifts at GOOGLE.

Love, crust and pizza dust,

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