1.2.3. Bread is Life, Bread is Love, Bread is Light. Amen.

3 quick bites to enhance your pizza game


BREAD IS LIFE, bread is Christ.

I make a joke that probably isn’t too far from the truth that Jesus didn’t feed people with a few loaves of bread but actually shared his holy sourdough starter and that’s how he helped feed the many. Bread was a large contributing factor in the ending of nomadic life and the creation of civilizations and agriculture. You could say that modern civilization was completely changed by bread and beer: The two pillars of civilization!

Bagels, country loaf, baguettes oh my! I see god in bread. A piece of great bread invokes something spiritual in me. The color, the texture, cutting into its beautiful crumb and enjoying it all on its own.

I remember I used to ride my bike to QFC, a grocery store in Seattle, to buy one of their deli baguettes and just crush the whole thing plain. Its crisp outside and soft spongy inside was always salted to perfection that it need not be compromised with any outside intrusion of flavor.

Pizza is bread at its core, it’s the most important part of the pie. It’s a quest that will never end for me. Dough is alive, thousands upon thousands of microorganisms give their lives to come out as bread. Peter Reinhart said it best: “Alive to dead, from dough to bread.”Bread is sacred, bread is magic. Remember that next time you take a bite.


Andy Kadin, the owner of Bub and Grandma’s, wrote a book that is SO inspirational and awesome. Andy turns out some of the best bread in LA. Anyone who isn’t making their own bread is probably using his.

The book encapsulates a lot of the shit you have to go through to make an idea turn into a reality. It’s a short read and amazingly written. His story touched me and I couldn’t agree more with the title. To follow any dream you will suffer, you will struggle but if you love it and learn from it, you will conquer. Go check out the book right now. Also, it has a great bread recipe at the end!


“Give us today our daily bread.”


Bread is life, bread is love, bread is light. Amen.


EXTRA SLICE: A great history of bread!

Love, crust, and pizza dust,

Alex Koons

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