A New Perspective, Struggles of Opening a Restaurant, and What CRAZY Actually Looks Like

3 bites everyone knows the rules


The perspective that I get from following my son Levi around has really helped shape my new reality.

Kids function on raw emotion. It’s kind of what makes them magical beings. If Levi wants to lose his shit over someone playing with the truck he was just playing with it, I need to let him process it. It’s just a kid trying to comprehend that sharing is something that can be painful, but we all need to learn.

I need to be present and helpful in processing those emotions.

I need to get better at letting my team do the same thing…

Occasionally losing their shit, falling on their face, forgetting an order, coming in late, or biting me… alright not biting me.

I need to practice leading with empathy and without ego, being present, and letting them process their mistakes. To calmly admit my faults and theirs, and help one another get better at being better people.


I was on last week’s episode of Smart Pizza Marketing!

I talk all about the struggles we went through to get Hot Tongue open.

Check it out right here!


“Some may never live, but crazy never die” –Hunter S. Thompson

What is crazy? Is being crazy a bad thing?

How many visionaries, musicians, builders, architects, entrepreneurs, philosophers, artists, and politicians have been called crazy? That crazy has pushed this world into its modern existence. I think crazy is a social construct that we like to put up like a fence around our minds that keep “sane” people away from the crazy.

Now I’ll tell you what I think is crazy. Working a job you don’t love, being in a relationship you don’t like, and falling into the same routine until you die. That’s fucking crazy.

If you want to change its time to do it, today, right now. Make the change you want to be. Whether it’s opening up a restaurant, getting a divorce, or deciding to live life a little harder! Life is too short to settle, and with hard work, honesty and determination you can do a lot of crazy things.

Extra Slice

Pizza Hut needs to deliver on THIS!

Love, crust and pizza dust,

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