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Top 5 Reasons to make your own vegan cheese versus store bought brands

Vegan cheese is something you shouldn’t be buying, here’s why…

# one it’s magic

Who knew that seaweed extraction, tapioca flour, coconut oil, and salt could create a grateable and melty oooweegeweee cheese?? or that grinding up almonds can make a beautifully textured ‘ricotta’?? The idea is not to not make a replacement, it’s to create something that is better for you without compromising flavor.

# two it’s not an alternative

It’s a choice, it’s a taste, it’s something that YOU can manipulate according to your palate by adding whatever you want. Comparison is the death of joy. Vegan cheese need not be compared to its dairy counterpart, but let it soar like the eagle it can be. Let it be its own thing… your own thing.

# three it’s easy

Just a few key ingredients and a food processor can get you a way better product than anything your grocery store will sell you. It will be better and make you feel better! better – better – better.

# four the taste

Making your own cheese with the right recipe will be far superior in flavor, melt! and of course, the simple satisfaction of making your own cheese is guaranteed to impress all your buds! Your taste buds most importantly.

# five the price

Yes, it’s going to take some of your time, but time is what must be cashed in to make anything great. After investing in the key ingredients, you’ll be saving all your cheddar to make your vegan cheeses so much better!

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