You Are What You Pay Attention To



Still looking for a last-minute Christmas gift for your pizza friends? Thinking about opening up your own shop??

I recently read Mike Bausch’s book Unsliced.

There is a ton of tidbits inside the book that would help any owner.

Everything from communication to the power of the all-mighty whiteboard.

I’d recommend checking out this book if you own, or are thinking about opening up your own spot.

You can get a lot out of the read.


Pesto, the green goddess, Italian guacamole!

Check out the newest recipe I posted for a simple, fresh, and flavorful pesto.


William James, an American psychologist said:

“my experiences are what I agree to tend to”

I’ve stolen this quote and said to many, “you’re what you pay attention to.”

With constant distractions, social media, push notifications, emails, and a trillion memes, it’s hard not to get lost.

Everything is at war for your attention. It’s a powerful thing to lose.

I try my best to pay attention to what I want.

Try not to waste your thoughts on the Kardashians, Tucker Carlson, or the person you hate follow on Instagram.


Extra Slice: Despite the way Kevin skimped on the tip and acted like he was gonna kill the delivery driver, this is a classic holiday scene. Little Neros Pizza was ahead of its time with contactless delivery.

Love, crust and pizza dust,

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