1.2.3. Freeing Up Your Bandwidth Today By Letting Go Of Yesterday

Hey, It’s Alex,

The past can be both beneficial and debilitating, depending on how it’s utilized. It serves as a source of lessons and reminders on how not to repeat mistakes, but it can also become a vessel to which we cling, preventing us from fully embracing the present.

In the realm of business, it’s easy to blame oneself for handling certain matters or failing to foresee challenges and other issues. It’s been important for me to let go of a lot of things to free up bandwidth to deal with today.

Giving too much power to our past can also hinder us when it comes to trying new things. We often blame past experiences for our current circumstances. If we aren’t careful, we can lose ourselves in our past, and that’s not living at all.

“One should not get drunk off the cheap wine of tragedy.” – Ichiro Kishimi

Love, crust, and pizza dust,

Alex Koons

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