1.2.3. Embracing Tough Decisions in Business and in Life

Hey there— Alex here,

This week brought forth a notably challenging personal and business decision. For those who may not be familiar with one of my ventures, Hot Tongue was entirely plant-based. However, on Monday, we introduced dairy cheese to our menu, which triggered a wave of skepticism, trolling, unsolicited advice, and self-proclaimed experts, all eager to guide me on the intricacies of how, what, why, and when to operate the business. I didn’t personally read any of the online chatter but my wife did a good job filtering it to me. Regrettably, those who have never borne the responsibility of managing a team or running a restaurant lack the necessary context to make well-informed judgments.

Frequently, difficult decisions must be made, which may not be readily understandable to many. I know in my heart, though, that it’s much easier to throw rocks than it is to build something great. Ideally, we would live in a world where we could follow our one vision without compromise, free from the pressures of making ends meet for ourselves, team and our families. Regrettably, such a utopia remains elusive. 

What I would say to anyone reading this is never be afraid of a tough decision. Challenges exist for a purpose, and occasionally, there isn’t a definitive “right” path. Doubt and regret can be emotionally taxing, but ultimately, when you take no action, suffering tends to be the greatest outcome.

Love, crust and pizza dust,

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