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A Pizza Maker's Podcast

Pizza might be the greatest food on earth, but it means something different to each of us. Alex Koons, owner of Hot Tongue Pizza in Los Angeles, sits down with fellow pizza shop owner/operators to breakdown their unique experiences coming up in the restaurant industry. Each episode digs deep into what it takes to survive and thrive making the best possible food, and why pizza is so near & dear to all of our hearts.

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A Message from Alex

A Message from Alex

I created PIE 2 PIE to take a journey through the rich pizza culture of Los Angeles and beyond. It’s also a great excuse to get to know some awesome people and connect over our shared passion. I love listening to people's stories, hearing about their struggles and successes, and ultimately what drives them every day.

With Pie2Pie, I hope to pull out all the gold in under 20 minutes. It’s a pod that you can put on while you wait for your dough to rest, or finish in a quick trip to the store. My aim is to highlight some new voices, learn, grow and better this community we all love so much.